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What is Living Room ?

-Living Room is the one of room in a residential house for relaxing , social activities e.g. watching Television and talking with friends .


A Room in Private Household intended for relaxation and entertainment for guest.

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Why Living Room is Necessary in a house?

Usually Living Room located at the front of the house. So Living room is important room in every house because probably it is more social compare to other rooms in a house . it is where you and your family comes together to enjoy and relaxing at end of the day , but also this is the place for your friend and neighbour likely to enjoy . In every household there is a living room because in a family every member want privacy on there private room/bedroom , and they won't to make it public. so in current years importance of living room is increasing .

Role of Living Room -

  • Privacy is the most important factor for any household. Living room maintains the privacy of other rooms in a household . For example if in a family there are five member present and one day friends of one member came on weekend for spend some time. so they can enjoy their all activities in living room without affecting other member's Privacy.
  • A Well Decorated living Room is important for beautiful household.
  • We can Organize a Social Party in Living Room. Without Living Room we can't organize a party in Modern Household.
  • We can arrange a official meeting with Lunch/Dinner.

How Can We Decorate Living Room

  • Use of Curtains and poles
  • By Using Well Designed Sofas and Armchairs.
  • By Using Some Beautiful Living Room Furniture .
  • By use of Rug/Carpets.
  • by Use of beautiful Lighting.

A beautiful Living Room must contains all above properties with sufficient space. through various furniture,decoration and shapes the pattern space which is in Living room so guest/visitors gets a positive or negative impression of her acceptance by the owner of the house. thus every owner of household need such type of living room that gives a positive impression on guest.

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